The Emerging Confluence of Gaming and Crypto

crypto gaming

Riverfront Times is intrigued by the emerging confluence of gaming and crypto. However, they are not always clear about what crypto gaming is or how to get started. This article answers these questions and more to help gamers navigate this new frontier of virtual gaming.

The rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is transforming gaming. Crypto games allow players to earn real-world assets and experience a decentralized virtual world, leading to a unique era of gaming that transcends mere enjoyment into genuine economic opportunities. The success of games like Huntercoin, CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity is a testament to this trend.

Crypto Gaming Platforms: Which Ones Are Leading the Charge

In traditional video games, players are rewarded with in-game currency that they can use to purchase weapons or other items in the game. This is usually limited to the amount of time and effort a player invests in the game, but some video games, such as Fortnite and Roblox, allow players to sell their in-game assets for a profit. However, these sales are not guaranteed and in-game currency is often worthless outside of the video game ecosystem.

By contrast, crypto gaming enables players to earn cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by completing quests or outperforming other gamers. These assets are then tradable on exchanges for stablecoins or fiat currencies that can be spent in the real world. Furthermore, many of these games are open to anyone with an internet connection and a computer or mobile phone. As a result, this model is more democratic than traditional gaming models, where players have to invest in multiple closed game ecosystems with gated login systems.