Origin Vs Energy Australia – Which is Cheaper?

When it comes to comparing electricity providers, a lot of households are considering a retailer’s support for renewable energy. Both Origin and Energy Australia offer a range of green options in their plans including GreenPower certified renewable energy at increments of 10%, 20%, and 100%, as well as a wide variety of solar power specific products with high feed-in tariffs. But, which is the best option for you?

Both providers have a long heritage in the origin vs energy australia industry and provide gas and electricity to millions of Australians each year. But, what makes them stand out from one another?

While their histories are deeply rooted in stability and customer-centricity, they have also evolved to meet the needs of their customers. This has come in the form of innovative technology, tailored solutions, and a continued commitment to sustainable energy.

Transparency and Innovation: Exploring the Benefits of Switching to Amber Energy

Whether you’re looking for an online payment portal, rewards program, or even a mobile app to track your usage and bills, you can find it all with both Origin and Energy Australia. The company’s focus on transparency and adaptability ensures that their customers always feel supported and understood.

Both companies are neck-and-neck in price across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia, according to Canstar Blue’s annual cost estimates. However, your location and personal energy use will determine which provider is cheaper for you. Both companies also offer a $75 online sign-up credit for new customers. You can see if either of them is cheapest for you by searching our comparison tool for your state below.