Mens Earings: Style Essentials

Mens Earings: Style Essentials

Whether you have your ears pierced or not, this classic accessory is having a fashion resurgence and it’s more acceptable than ever for guys to rock some ear bling. The key is to pick a design that’s in proportion with your body and fits your personal style, and also consider the type of look you want (sexy, casual, elegant) or event you’re going for.

If you’re into minimalistic styles, a pair of small stud Mens Earings: Style Essentials is a great go-to that works well with any outfit, from ripped jeans to a business suit. Or, for a more eye-catching look, go for a gold or silver hoop or huggie earring.

Elevate Your Style Game: The Latest and Greatest in Fashion-Forward Men’s Earring Trends

For a more edgy style, a single drop men’s earring or a cluster of small studs can add an alluring bad boy look that’ll have the ladies going crazy for you. You could also opt for a slick skull or chain-link men’s earring from designer fashion label Alexander McQueen, which will add an instant hit of streetwear to your wardrobe.

AWNL’s Blackjack men’s hoop earring is another modern and stylish option that will instantly elevate any look, from a simple tee and jeans combo to a refined tailored suit. The sculptural geometric shape and the natural elements used in the collection—from Swedish meteorite to Tibetan hornbone to Mosasaurus tooth fossil—are inspired by Nordic mythology and the idea that these objects hold magical powers that spread energy around you.