Email Address Verification

Email address verification is a process that removes invalid, risky, or non-existent email addresses from your list. It helps improve deliverability and ensures that your emails reach their intended recipients. It also prevents wasting resources by sending emails to inactive, disposable, or fake addresses. Email address verification can be performed either in real-time when a user signs up on your website or list, or can be performed in bulk using a software solution that scans the entire list to find potential issues.

Email verification can identify a variety of issues such as syntax errors (missing “@” symbol, space, or other characters) and domain name validation (confirming that the name is registered and active). It also checks for catch-all or temporary email addresses that are set up to manage generic inquiries or issues (such as info@ or support@). It also looks for hard bounces in the past or spam traps which are used to block legitimate marketers.

The ABCs of Email Security: Understanding the Importance of Verification

Email verification is essential for any organization that collects email addresses, including digital marketers, e-commerce companies, social influencers, and content creators. Performing a thorough email address verification before adding the contact to your mailing list can help ensure that you only send to valid and deliverable addresses, improving both your email marketing efficiency and your reputation with ISPs and ESPs.