Sustainable Travel in Iceland

Sustainable Travel in Iceland

The awe-inspiring landscapes of Iceland attract visitors from all over the world. But this influx of travellers has raised concerns over over-tourism, which could threaten the pristine beauty and cultural heritage of this magical island nation.

With a little mindfulness and a sense of stewardship, travellers can mitigate the impact of over-tourism and ensure that this beautiful land is preserved for generations to come. We recommend travelling during the off-season, choosing less-popular destinations, and prioritising tours that promote environmental preservation.

Beyond the Scenery: Embracing Responsible Tourism in Iceland

Eco-friendly travel can be as simple as using public transport, staying for longer periods of time during the off-season, or purchasing locally made products and experiences from local businesses. It also means leaving nature undisturbed, respecting hiking trails and not removing any natural resources, and camping within campsites.

Fortunately, Icelanders are aware of the impact that tourism has on their country, and are actively working to address the issue. They have developed a wide range of educational tools for visitors, including Iceland Academy with video classes on everything from safe driving to hot tub etiquette, and The Icelandic Pledge for travellers who agree to respect nature, wildlife, and local culture.

You can support these efforts by booking eco-friendly tours and experiences, such as guided glacier hikes and visits to geothermal spas that use renewable energy sources, as well as whale watching and sustainable farm visits. You can even offset your carbon footprint through Visit Iceland’s Carbon Calculator, which lets you calculate the emissions from your trip and donate to projects that help reduce climate change.